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SASNET Brown Bag seminars 2011-2013

Based on the extensive SASNET catalogue of South Asia related research at Lund University with a list of more than 50 departments, SASNET in January 2011 introduced a series Interdisciplinary South Asia Brown Bag lunch Seminars at Lund University. The aim was to present and disseminate eminent South Asia related research carried out in so many departments at Lund University.
The series was organised in in collaboration with Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund (ABF) Lund, and Lunds Konsthall. Venue: 
Lunds konsthall, Mårtenstorget 3.


Winnie Bothe

Håkan Wallander
Helle Rydström

Thursday 26 September 2013:
     Dr. Winnie Bothe
     Department of Political Science
     ”Gendered Participation in the Buddhist
        Himalayas. Sikkim and Bhutan: A comparative
        study on visions of female participation”

Thursday 17 October 2013:
     Professor Håkan Wallander,
     Microbial Ecology, Department of Biology
     ”Soil – the basis of our existence.
       Examples from Nepal, America and Amazonas” 

Thursday 21 November 2013:
  (NOTE: different time: 14.00–15.00!)
      Professor Helle Rydström,
      Department of Gender Studies 
      ”Jeopardizing the Security of Women and Children:
        Gendered Violence in Public and Private Spaces in India and Beyond”

 Per Wickenberg
 Baboo Nair
 Anette Agardh
 Ted Svensson

Thursday 7 February 2013:
      Professor Per Wickenberg,
      Division of Sociology of Law
      ”SEE THE CHILD! Reflections on 10 years of Child Rights work in
        Education with 29 Change Agents in Kerala-India”

Thursday 14 March 2013:
      Professor Emeritus Baboo Nair,
      Division of Applied Nutrition and Food Chemistry,
      ”A story of my cooperation with SASNET-Lund University.
                SEMINAR CANCELLED

Thursday 18 April 2013:
      Associate Professor Anette Agardh,
      Division of Social Medicine and Global Health  
      ”Youth Friendly Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in India”.

Thursday 16 May 2013:
      Assistant Professor Ted Svensson,
      Department of Political Science,
      ”What Kind of Independence?
        The Production of Postcolonial India and Pakistan”. 

Previous Brown Bag seminars:

18 January 2011: Associate Professor Catarina Kinnwall, Department of Political Science
on ”Religion, Nationalism and Discourses on Terror in South Asia”

19 May 2011: Professor Rajni Hatti-Kaul, Department of Biotechnology
on ”Biotechnology and sustainable development”. 

15 September 2011: Dr. Malin Gregersen, Department of History on ”Fostering Obligations: Swedish Medical Missionary Narratives from South India”. 

13 October 2011: Associate Professor Åsa Ljungh, Section of Medical Microbiology, Department of Laboratory Medicine on ”Lactic acid bacteria – from stone age man to functional food”. 

10 November 2011: Dr. Olle Frödin, Department of Sociology on ”Modernization, Neoliberal Globalization or Variegated Development: the Indian Food System Transformation in Comparative Perspective”. 

16 February 2012: Professor Emeritus Neelambar Hatti from the Department of Economic History spoke on Where have all the girls gone?” – a lecture on the gendercide in India. 

15 March 2012: Assistant Professor Kristina Myrvold from the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies presented her research holding a lecture with the title “I’m a Punjabi-speaking Swedish Sikh”: Identity Constructions among Young Sikhs in Sweden. 

19 April 2012: Professor Magnus Larson from the Department of Water Resources Engineering spoke on ”Sri Lanka’s vanishing beaches”. Prof. Larson presented the different projects that his department does that focus on various problems in the coastal region of Sri Lanka.  

9 May 2012: Associate Professor Alia Ahmad from the Department of Economics presented her research holding a lecture with the title ”Community Management of Inland Fisheries in Bangladesh and India”. 

20 September 2012: Dr. Mats Mogren, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, on ”Inbetween Rain Forest and Plantation. Understanding Colonial Nature in Sri Lanka”. 

11 October 2012: Dr. Anna Lindberg, Swedish South Asian Studies Network, on ”Paradise with Gendered Limitations: Marriage and Dowry in Kerala”. 

15 November 2012: Dr. Jan Magnusson, School of Social Work, on ”Pop and Politics in Western Himalayas”. 

6 December 2012: Dr. Emily Baird, Department of Biology, on ”Swedish-Australian perspectives on research collaboration with India”.

In the No 7/2012 issue of Lund University magazine LUM, journalist Ingela Björck wrote an article on the seminar series. Read the article – lumomsasnet2012