• Lars Resebrev. Travelogues in Swedish from Lars’ journeys in Europe, Asia and the Middle East during the 1970s, 80s and 90s

• Report from Contact journey to Maldives, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh in February-March 2002 

• Lars’ and Staffan’s article ”Maldiverna: Hotat paradis söker ny framtid” in SYDASIEN 02/2002 (in Swedish only)

• Report from Contact journey to Pakistan and Afghanistan in November-December 2003

• Lars’ and Staffan’s article ”Pakistan sett med nya ögon” in SYDASIEN 01/2004 (in Swedish only)

•  Lars’ article ”På återbesök i Kabul efter 28 år”l in SYDASIEN 4/2003 (in Swedish only)

• SASNET local Lund activities 2003-2011, including seminar on “Managing Diversity: The Indian Experience”

• Report from the 17th European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies, at Heidelberg, Germany, 9–14 September, 2002

• Report from the 18th European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies in Lund in July 2004

• William Radice’s Diary from the 18th European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies in Lund in July 2004

• Report from Tour to Eastern and North-Eastern India, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh in November–December 2005

Report from Stockholm workshop on “Role of South Asia in the Internationalisation of Higher Education in Sweden” 28-29 November 2006

• Report from Contact Journey to Delhi, Western, and Southwestern India in November 2007

• Report from Lars Visit to Maldives 6–8 February 2009 

Lars Eklund visit to Jönköping and Växjö universities, 19–20 March 2009

• Lars Eklund report from 21st ECMSAS conference in Bonn 2010

 Report from University of Gothenburg meetings , May 2011

• Lars Eklund travel reports from October–November 2012 South Asia tour (Varanasi; Kanpur; Delhi; Kolkata)

Lars Eklund report from meetings in Kathmandu, November 2012

• Report from Lars Eklund’s visit to London universities, September 2013

• Lars Eklund report from 23rd ECSAS conference Zurich, July 2014

• Report from Lars 2013 visit to Vilnius universities

• Report from Lars 2014 visit to South Asia institutes in Vienna

• Report from Lars 2014 visit to South Asia institutes in Prague

• Report from Lars 2014 visit to South Asia institute in Heidelberg

• Lars report from 2015 Lund University Conference on the Structural Transformation of South Asia

Report from 2015 visit to Swedish Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Report from visits to Dhaka universities, February 2015

• Lars Eklund visit to Manipur University in Imphal, March 2015

• Lars Eklund report from October 2016 University of Wisconsin–Madison Conference & visit to SALC at University of Chicago 2016

• Impressions from INLANSO Hindi programmes in Varanasi and Mussorie, April-May 2017

• Lars Eklund report from Samtse College of Education in Bhutan, May 2017

• Lars impressions from Kolkata and Shantiniketan January-February 2018

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