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Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm

Departments doing research on South Asia. Select a department to learn more about concrete projects and scholars involved in South Asia research.

In line with its ambition to become a leading technical university in the field of environmental sciences and sustainable development, KTH is launching a new department July 1 aimed at more closely integrating research and education in this important interdisciplinary field. The Department is to build on the activities of three established  KTH units: the Department of Land and Water Resources Engineering, the Division of Environmental Strategies Research (FMS), and the Division of Industrial Ecology.

• School of Architecture and the Built Environment

‡ Division of Land and Water Resources Engineering;
Dept. of Sustainable development, Environmental science and Engineering (SEED)
‡ Department of Philosophy and History of Technology
‡ Department of Urban and Regional Planning

• School of Biotechnology
‡ Department of Applied Microbiology
‡ Department of Theoretical Chemistry

• School of Chemical Science and Engineering (CHE)
‡ Division of Chemical Technology
Division of Applied Electrochemistry 

• School of Electrical Engineering
‡ Electromagnetic Engineering Lab
‡ Department of Signal Processing 

• School of Engineering Sciences
‡ Department of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering
– Division of Rail Vehicles
– Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory for Sound and Vibration Research (MWL)

• School of ICT
‡ Telecommunication Systems Laboratory (TSLab)
            ‡ Department of Applied Information Technology (2IT). Department closed down 2008.

• School of Industrial Engineering and Management

‡ Division of Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration, Department of Energy Technology
‡ Division of Energy and Climate Studies (ECS), Department of Energy Technology
‡ Division of Engineering Material Physics, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
‡ Division of Applied Material Physics, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
‡ Division of Materials Process Science, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

• School of Technology and Health (STH)
‡ Division of Medical Engineering

• International Office. Coordinates the ”EURINDIA” Erasmus Mundus Activity 2 consortium (one of the four EC funded EMECW lot 13 India programmes), formed by 10 universities in Europe, and 9 universities in India (Anna University, Chennai; Anurag Narayan College, Gaya; Patna University; Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati; Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee; National Law school of India University, Bangalore; Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU); University of Kalyani, West Bengal; University of Pune). Consortium web page.

KTH also participates in another EMECW India programmes, being a member of the ”India4EU” consortium, coordinated by Politecnico di Torino, Italy. This consortium was formed by 9 universities in Europe, and 8 universities in India (Amrita University, Coimbatore; Anna University, Chennai; IIT Delhi; Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata; Jadavpur University, Kolkata; Kakatiya University, Warangal; University of Pune; and Centre of Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad). Consortium web page.