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Successful SASNET Seminar on 40 years of Bangladeshi independence 2011


SASNET held a seminar on ”Bangladesh: Politics, Economy and Civil Society 40 years after Liberation” on Thursday 15 December 2011, 15.15–18.00. The seminar was organised in collaboration with the Department of Sociology, Lund University. 
The keynote speaker was Professor David Lewis, London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE). Khandker Masudul Alam, First Secretary & Head of Chancery at the Embassy of Bangladesh in Sweden, also participated in the seminar, giving an introductory presentation. 
See the seminar poster.

Programme:15.15 Introduction by Lars Eklund,
          Deputy Director, SASNET

15.20 Songs for Bangladesh

15.30 Presentation by Khandker Masudul Alam
           First Secretary & Head of Chancery
           Embassy of Bangladesh in Sweden
           on ”Bangladeshi Society 40 years
                 after Liberation”


16.00 Presentation by Professor David Lewis
          on ”Repositioning Bangladesh in the 
                global imagination”

17.00 Reception with Bengali snacks

18.00 End of seminar

Students on the streets during the non-coperation movement of 1970.

Khandker Masudul Alam

David Lewis spoke about ”Repositioning Bangladesh in the global imagination”. He is Professor of social policy and development at LSE, and has recently written a book on Bangladeshi society with a new perspective. The book entitled ”Bangladesh. Politics, Economy and Civil Society” has been published in December 2011 by Cambridge University Press in UK. 
Professor Lewis also has a strong Swedish connection, in being an adviser to the Bangladesh Reality Check Approach initiative set up by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Swedish Embassy in Dhaka in 2007. 

The seminar was launched by Bubu Munshi Eklund singing Bengali songs accompanied on the Harmonium along with Jasmine Zabbar and Lars Eklund (photo) – see them singing Muktiro Mandiro on Youtube, and after the presentations, at around 17.00, a reception followed in the foyer, where the guests were served delicious Bengali snacks and sweets.  Venue: Edens hörsal, Paradisgatan 5, Lund.