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Unit of Pediatrics, Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University, 2015

Postal address: Department of Pediatrics, Seminariet; SUS Lund, BUS SE-221 85 Lund
Visiting address: Lasarettsgatan 40
Web page: http://www.med.lu.se/klinvetlund/pediatrik

Contact person: PhD Lars Hagander, Pediatric surgeon, phone: +46 46 178 346

Research connected to South Asia

Dr. Lars Hagander defended his doctoral dissertation entitled ”Specialized pediatric healthcare with limited resources: Surgery, anesthesia and oncology for children in low- and middle-income countries” on 21 September 2013. A major component of the research on anaesthesia includes evidence from Bangladesh. The opponent was Professor Flemming Konradsen, University of Copenhagen. Hagander explores barriers to adequate hospital care before and after arriving at the hospital. His research also focuses on how limited resources influences doctor’s clinical decision-making and also acts as a cause for doctor’s migration and healthcare workforce shortage in low income countries. In Bangladesh, he finds how limited resources influences doctors in terms of clinical decision-making on use of anaesthesia. More information in the abstract of the thesis.
Lars Hagander is also connected to the Harvard Medical School in the US, and its Paul Farmer Global Surgery Research Fellowship at the Program for Global Surgery and Social Change. His research includes studies on how workforce migration, poverty, horizontal training programs and health information technology relates to global surgery. He participates in international surgical missions and has worked with health technology development at MIT.
Lund University research journalist Ingela Björck has written anarticle about Lars Hagander and his research. Read her article, entitled ”Kirurgi med förhinder i låginkomstländer.