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Division of Geology, Department of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, Lund University, 2015

Address: Institutionen för geo- och ekosystemvetenskaper, Enheten för geologi, Sölvegatan 12, SE-223 62 Lund, Sweden
Web page: http://www.geol.lu.se/eindex.htm

At the Dept. of Geology, research and research education is carried out within two sub-departments,
Lithosphere and Paleobiosphere Sciences, and Quaternary Sciences. The combined research spans a wide spectrum of topics within Earth Sciences: Study of magmatic and metamorphic rocks in order to understand processes occurring deep in the Earth´s crust. Study of sedimentary rocks and fossils to untangle various processes at the surface of the Earth, involving research on evolution of life and ecosystems as well as global environmental changes. Other significant research areas include studies of soft sediments of biogenic and inorganic origin with special focus on glacial and proglacial environments, short-term climate change, floral and faunal development over the last glacial cycles, and the early anthropogenic impact on the landscape.

Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window Programme scholarship programme

A large number of Indian students, PhD candidates, post-docs and academic staff has come to Lund University during the academic year 2009-10, as scholarship holders through the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window mobility programme Lot 15, coordinated by Lund University. This programme was announced in 2008, and out of a total mobility of 320 persons, 53 Indian students, researchers and academic staff were selected to come specically to Lund University. More information about the EMECW programme lot 15 (from 2009 renamed to be one out of four programmes under the mobility lot 13).

One Indian researcher was selected by the EMECW lot 15 consortium to stay for 10 months at the Dept. of Geology, Lund University, doing post-doc research. Dr. Preetam Choudhary comes from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee. She has been connected to Sweden before, spending one year as a PhD candidate at the Department of Geology and Geochemistry, Stockholm University, engaged in a research project on environmental changes and affects in the Kumaun Lakes, India (photo from Nainital in Kumaon hills). The project was initiated by a SASNET planning grant in 2004.
Then she worked under the joint supervision of Dr. Joyanto Routh, Stockholm University, and Prof. Govind J. Chakrapani, Dept. of Earth Sciences, IIT Roorkee.

In August 2008, she defended her doctoral dissertation back at IIT Roorkee. The thesis was entitled ”Characterisation of organic matter in sediments of Kumaun Himalayas”.
While at Lund University, she is working on a project entitled ”Ecosystem dynamics of Lake Krankesjön over recent decades and centuries and
brownification of streams, lakes and coastal waters in southern Sweden – an effect of climate change or land use?
” .