Karlstad University, 2015

Departments doing research on South Asia. Select a department to learn more about concrete projects and
scholars involved in South Asia research.

• Educational Work, Organisation and Society, Faculty of Arts and Education

• Center for Gender Studies (CFG), Faculty of Arts and Education

• Department of History and Political Science, Faculty of Social and Life Sciences

• Department of Human Geography, Faculty of Social and Life Sciences

• Department of Media and Communication Studies (MKV), Faculty of Economics, Communication and IT

• Department of Nursing Science

• Department of Religious Studies and Theology, Faculty of Arts and Education

• Division of Public Health Sciences, Department of Health and Environment, Faculty of Social and Life Sciences

These pages consist of archived material up till 2015.

They were produced by Lars Eklund, SASNET deputy director 2001–2016, as part of an extensive web site covering all aspects of South Asia related research in all academic fields and at all Swedish universities. A web site that was closed down by Lund University in early 2016.

However, Lars Eklund revived the material in 2017 under the banner Nordic South Asia Net, but this effort was deliberately sabotaged, destroyed by data virus in the summer 2018.
Parts of the material is now again put online, including the detailed info pages about the more than 300 Swedish departments that were engaged in South Asia related research during the period 2001-2016. Even though many things naturally have happened after 2015, with new researchers succeeding retired colleagues, the wealth of information to be found in these pages are so rich that they deserve to be available. But please mind it is archived material.

Lars Eklund,
22 April 2019