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Department of Business Administration, Gotland University

Address: Ämnesavdelningen för Företagsekonomi, Högskolan på Gotland, Cramérgatan 3, SE-621 67 Visby
Web page: http://mainweb.hgo.se/amnen/fek.nsf/

Contact person: Adjunkt/PhD candidate Bengt Jönsson, phone: +46 (0)498 29 99 76

South Asia related activities

Bengt Jönsson teaches courses on Management and Entrepreneurship. He is also in charge of Gotland University’s Tourism studies programme, entitled ”Turism och upplevelse”.
In the Spring 2008, Prof. Nimit Chowdhary from the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM) in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India, visited Gotland University. He met with Mr. Jönsson, and discussed possible future collaboration on students and teachers exchange. They share common fields of research interest on Tourism, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.
In March 2009 the Swedish International Programme Office for Education and Training decided upon the ninth round of Linnaeus Palme Exchange Programme grants, for the period 1 July 2009 – 30 June 2010. See a list of the South Asia related projects given support. One of the new projects for that year was the collaboration between IITTM (with campuses also in Delhi, Bhubaneswar and Goa, besides Gwalior) and Gotland University.

The aim of the collaboration project is to enrichen the standard of education at both sides, and stimulate to an increased exchange of students. It may also result in common research projects. Another reason for Gotland University entering into this collaboration is the current introduction of a new model for education, entitled Liberal Education. Since India is in a phase of fast development and an increased internationalisation it is interesting to study, and important to get an insight of its educational system and more generally its rich culture.
The collaboration aimed at establishing joint courses on Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. Mr. Jönsson and Dr. Chowdhary would be teaching at each other’s universities. The project has received continued funding for the period 2011-12.
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