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April 2019

Doctoral dissertation on climate change in Nepal and Maldives

On Friday 24 May 2019, PhD candidate Phu Doma Lama at the Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety (LUCRAM), Lund University, will defend her doctoral dissertation entitled ”Climate Change Adaptation among Communities: Comparative Case study of Maldives and Nepal”. Phu  has been working at the department since July 2014, and she was originally planning to focus on how the Sherpa community in Nepal has adapted to the ongoing climate change. She carried out her initial fieldwork in eastern Nepal in the spring 2015 – before the disastrous earthquake.
Read more about research at LUCRAM up till 2015.

South Asia Magazine again in print 2019

Redaktörerna Johanna Sommansson(2011.) och Lars Eklund (1982-2007)

On April, 2, 2019, a release feast was held in Stockholm for the new Sydasien print magazine No. 3 containing both my memorial article on Staffan Lindberg, and also a review of our 2018 India book.
Full information on SYDASIEN magazine! http://larseklund.in/sydasiennew.html

Singing rabindrasangheet together with Nafiz Malik och Shantanu Pyne


Lars presenting story of SYDASIEN
Release i Brokiga Bengalen Cafe

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Lars Eklund
Råbygatan 5 B,
SE-223 61 Lund, SWEDEN

23 A, Sardar Sankar Road,
Kolkata 700 029, INDIA

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Through frequent travelling, Lars Eklund  built up a strong network of researchers working on South Asia related issues at Swedish universities, and their academic collaboration partners in South Asia.

He is a journalist with strong South Asia connections, both professionally and personally – being married to an Indian/Bengali wife and involved in many cultural activies focusing on South Asia.
From 1982 till 2007 he was the editor-in-chief of SYDASIEN (South Asia – Political and Cultural Magazine), besides working as reporter cum sub-editor for daily newspapers in different parts of Sweden.

Since 2014, Lars is also a member of the board for the Europan Association for South Asian Studies (EASAS).
It should also be mentioned that Lars has travelled extensively to most parts of Asia since the early 1970s, and has visited all the eight South Asian nations on SASNET contact missions. His extramural activities include lecturing on Indian society, history, culture and religion.

Together with his wife Bubu, he organises cultural seminar programmes on the Nobel Laurate Rabindranath Tagore, and since 2012 they run a singing choir with mostly Swedish people performing Rabindranath’s songs in original Bengali language.

Biography from 2003 (the
first 50 years of my life!): http://www.larseklund.in/larseklundlife.html