Newsletter 106 - 10 February 2010


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January 2010 Lund


Visit to SASNET
Vasudha Garde, University of Pune, Mridul Bose, Jadavpur University, and Sanjay Bhaskar Gawai, University of Pune, visiting SASNET’s office in Lund on 8 February 2010.

Jojo Sreenivas
Associate Professor
Bipin Jojo, Chairperson, Centre for Social Justice & Governance at Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), participated in the Lund meeting.
Professor K. Sreenivas, Dean International Relations at Delhi University, another key participant to the EMECW lot 13 consortium meeting held in Lund.

Research Community News

• Swedish call for research on communicable diseases
On 8 February 2010, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) announced a jointly funded call on the research theme of the global fight against communicable diseases by developing the capacity in the handling and prevention of these. The MSB (Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap) and Sida will together fund a three-year program with the aim to increase cooperation between scientists from Sweden and in developing countries within the research area of communicable diseases. The overall intention is to increase the ability to combat the global spread of contagious diseases (which currently threaten both developed and developing countries) through knowledge production in terms of research results.
The program will start in 2011 and with approximately 20 milion SEK available in the first year, it will contribute to an increase in capacity to limit the spread and impact of contagious diseases. Approximately 20 million SEK will be available the first year, with the MSB and Sida contributing equal shares. The scope of this call covers major threats and challenges to health and society, both of mutual interest to Sida and the MSB, and addresses sources, pathways and mitigation measures. More information.

Educational News

Conferences and workshops


Important lectures and seminars in Scandinavia

Pnina Werbner• Pnina Werbner lectures on Pakistani Women Migrants
Professor Pnina Werbner from the School of Sociology and Criminology at Keele University, UK, holds a public lecture at University of Copenhagen on Saturday 6 March 2010, 13.15–15.00. She will talk about ”Mothers and Daughters in Historical Perspective: Home, Identity and Double Consciousness in British Pakistanis’ Migration and Return”. Venue: Section of History of Religions, Institute for Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, room 0.26, University of Copenhagen, Artillerivej 86. The lecture is based on a paper she has written on migration, in which she portrays two generations of Pakistani middle class women migrants: two mothers, who arrived in Manchester in the 1970s, and their daughters, who both returned to live in Pakistan, one at the age of 11 and the other in her twenties, to marry. The latter in particular experienced Pakistan as culturally alien and unhomely. More information.

Business and Politics

South Asia related culture in Scandinavia


New and updated items on SASNET web site

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SASNET is a national network for research, education, and information about South Asia based at Lund University. Its aim is to promote a dynamic networking process in which Swedish researchers co-operate with researchers in South Asia and globally.
The SASNET network is open to all the sciences. Priority is given to interdisciplinary cooperation across faculties, and more particularly to institutions in the Nordic countries and South Asia. SASNET believes that South Asian studies will be most fruitfully pursued as a cooperative endeavour between researchers in different institutions who have a solid base in their mother disciplines.
The network is financed by Lund University.

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