Appeals for research collaboration

Rossella Ciocca and Sanjukta Das Gupta.

Two professors in Italy, Rossella Ciocca at ‘L’Orientale’ Università degli studi di Napoli in Naples, and Sanjukta Das Gupta at Sapienza Università di Roma in Rome, invite contributions to a special issue of the interdisciplinary journal Anglistica, published by L’Orientale, Universitò degli Studi di Napoli. Anglistica is a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal of international interdisciplinary studies, exploring the politics and poetics of intercultural communication and representation in the complex ‘glocal’ formations of the contemporary world. 
The theme for the edited volume should be  ‘Out of Hidden India: Adivasi Histories, Stories, Visualities, and PerformancesWhile for long it had been portrayed as the passive object of ethno-anthropological inquest, Adivasi cultural production is now increasingly taking upon itself the task of self-representation. And this production, however mainly articulated around expressions of moral and political discontent, is at the same time demanding for artistic recognition. Problematic as it is to bring together under the label ‘Adivasi’ a very heterogeneous corpus of cultural manifestations the editors are determined to tentatively use this label as a working functional umbrella. The aim is to add to the critical archive of historical revisions, cultural analyses and study of artistic forms of resistance in order to, however partially, contribute to the mapping of the complex reality of tribal India. Investigations in the most various directions from cinematic to literary narrations, from historical case studies to performative forms of agency, are welcome. Deadline for submitting abstracts is 15 April 2014. Full information.

Dr. Nanjunda works as a faculty in the Centre for Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy at the University of Mysore in India and wants to make academic linkages and research collaboration with Swedish or Nordic academics in the field social exclusion and inclusive studies. He would like to perform a study about comparative social policies between Sweden/Nordic countries' and India. His main interest is within the fields of Poverty, Social policy, Child labor, Developmental Anthropology and Health issues. He has a few years of research experience and published papers in international journals and edited books. Also he is running two Chief To international journals. For further discussion of the collaboration ideas, contact Nanjunda at or

Now and then, SASNET publishes specific appeals from South Asian researchers interested to proceed with projects in collaboration with partners in Sweden, and vice versa.

PhD Candidate Anoop SadanandanDept. of Political Science at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA, is working on a dissertation project on decentralization in Indian states. Now, he invites observers of decentralization in India to comment on his ranking of states, into which he has given greater significance to democratic decentralization and devolution of decision-making powers than to fiscal devolution. His theoretical interest is in democratic decentralization – bringing governance closer to people. Mr. Sadanandan also asks whether his ranking reflects the ground realities of decentralization in India faithfully, if there are other important factors that he should consider while calculating the measure, an whether there exists a better measure of decentralization. Comments, questions and suggestions should be sent to Any help received would be much appreciated and duly acknowledged. Read his full appeal for feedback

NBUProfessor A.P. Das, Department of Botany,University of North Bengal, Siliguri, West Bengal, India, is looking for partners at Swedish botany departments for research collaboration. His main interest is within the fields of Plant Taxonomy, and Exploration and Conservation of Biodiversity. Prof. Das has a teaching experience of more than 32 years and has a special fascination for the Swedish botanist Carl von Linné. During the Linnean Tercentenary year 2007, he delivered a number of special lectures in different Indian universities, colleges and other interested organisations. Prof. Das would now appreciate to work with colleagues at Swedish Universities. He also offers the possibility to receive Swedish students to visit his university, in order to study the flora and vegetation of the Eastern Himalayas. Contact Prof. Das for more information

Aktarul ChowdhuryDr. Md. Aktarul Islam Chowdhury, Head of theCivil and Environmental Engineering Department, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh, wants to make academic linkages and research collaboration in the field of environmental engineering and environmental management. He is interested in institutions located throughout the world that handle and manage the emerging environmental issues such as climatic change,  water crisis, water management, sanitation (specially ecological sanitation), waste water management (specially industrial effluent treatment), wetland management, solid waste management, integrated environmental management, assessment and conservation of biodiversity, socio-economic aspects of environmental management etc. properly and in time.  It should be mentioned that Dr. Chowdhury’s department was the first academic faculty in the entire South Asia to offer a B.Sc. Engineering degree in Environmental Engineering already in 1996. More information from Dr. Chowdhury’s CV