Mailing lists related to South Asia

H-ASIA is a vibrating well-run discussion forum on Asian History and Studies, part of the Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine network (H-Net). The primary purpose of H-ASIA, that was launched already in 1994, is to enable historians and other Asia scholars to easily communicate current research and teaching interests; to discuss new articles, books, papers, approaches, methods and tools of analysis; to test new ideas and share comments and tips on teaching. H-Asia is especially committed to discussing region wide, comparative and professional issues important to scholars of Asia. H-Asia is administered by Frank F. Conlon, Professor Emeritus of History, South Asian Studies & Comparative Religion at University of Washington, USA. 
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How to join H-Asia? 
1. Send a post (with subject line empty) with the message. ”SUB H-ASIA Your first name Your surname, your institution (e.g. SUB H-ASIA Charles Bengtsson, Stockholm University). Note that the comma appears only between your surname and your institution.
2. This post will generate an automated acknowledgement containing arequest for subscriber information which must be completed and returned to the subscription editor. When this has been done the subscription editor will add your name to the H-ASIA list.

NoFSA, the Nordic Forum for South Asia(originally the Norwegian Forum for South Asia), is a non-partisian, apolitical mailing-list providing members useful information about current events and interesting reading to people in the Nordic countries who deal with South Asia in some capacity (researchers, students, volunteer organizations, journalists, etc.). NoFSA, administered from Oslo, works in close collaboration with SASNET. To join NoFSA, send an e-mail request to, with information about yourself. Once accepted, people can participate in the list discussions or contribute with relevant information by sending emails to the group, emails being distributed to all list members. Currently NoFSA has almost 250 members. More information about NoFSA.

The network is coordinated by PhD Candidate Kenneth Nielsen at the Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM). He is assisted by a board with representatives from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The ambition is to encourage South Asianists from all the Nordic countries to contribute more actively to the networking activities. More information about NoFSA

On 29 October 2010, a new board was constituted for NoFSA. Besides Kenneth Nielsen, it consists ofRam Gupta, Dept. of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, University of Oslo, Norway (in charge of NoFSA’s web page); Uwe Skoda, Institute of History and Area Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark; Lars Eklund, SASNET, Lund University, Sweden; and Sirpa Tenhunen, Dept. of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki, Finland. 

FacebookNOFSA is now also on facebook!The list server NOFSA-nett will remain the most important channel for sharing news and information on matters South Asian, but the facebook group offers an extra opportunity to advertise South Asia related events; to start more extensive discussions; to upload and share with fellow members a moderate amount of photos; and to post news on the group's wall. 
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ACHAAsiapeace – ACHA electronic discussion group is a Yahoo newsgroup launched in 2001 by the non-profit and non-political Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA), based in Oregon, USA, an organisation dedicated to promote peace in South Asia and harmony among South Asians everywhere they live. Asiapeace distributes lots of valuable articles and other material about India, Pakistan and Bangladesh through e-mail every day. Till 2004 the discussion group was moderated by Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Dept of Political Science, Stockholm University, but the role has now been taken over by Dr. Omar Ali, a Pakistani-American physician, currently Assistant Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. 

More information about ACHA
 and its discussion groups.

Application form to join Asiapeace.

IASAfghanNews is a very active Yahoo newsgroup on Afghanistan. The list server is administered by the Institute for Afghan Studies(IAS), a non-profit, non-political and independent organization, founded and run by young Afghan scholars from around the globe. AfghanNews is moderated by the islamologist Ahmed Gholam from the Dept. of History of Religions, Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University. AfghanNews provides many articles and other material about Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia from various sources worldwide on a daily basis. 

More information about AfghanNews.

ISDNThe International Dalit Solidarity Network (IDSN), based in Copenhagen, Denmark, works on a global level for the elimination of caste discrimination and similar forms of discrimination based on work and descent. It is an international network consisting of National advocacy platforms in caste affected countries, Dalit solidarity networks in Europe, International associates, and Research associates. IDSN publishes a monthly newsletter, and it is also possible to subscribe for IDSN News RSS feed. More information

South Asian Regional Cooperation Academic Network (SARCAN) mailing list, established in May 2008. SARCAN, based in Kathmandu, Nepal, aims to bring together the diverse groups of academics, organizations and practitioners working on multi-faceted issue areas of South Asian regional cooperation around the world by putting together a large online and searchable database of academic work, publications, organizations and their work profiles into one central site, where they can come together, increase their online presence and share information. Information about publications, seminars and conference announcements, grants, fellowships and job announcements etc, will be provided through the mailing list. More information about the SARCAN mailing list.

NorthEastIndia Interest Group. This Yahoo discussion group, created in 2003, aims at promoting and further the cause of professionals and students from the Northeastern parts of India, and create an online society of a professional network and a students’ network. It consists of one subgroup, NorthEastIndia@yahoogroups.comsolely dedicated to professionals, is for the students with special emphasis on their career needs. Like other yahoo groups communication it is based on e-mails, but messages are also available for registered group members through the web page

Globe Award Blog is a blog introduced in February 2007 jointly by Globe Forum,PriceWaterHouseCoopers, and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Sweden, dealing with CSR and Sustainable Development. Experts, students and professionals are invited to share their concepts, and texts in the blog.

Docuwallahs is an India based Yahoo discussion group aiming to network documentary filmakers and those interested in screening or disseminating documentary films.