Edited volume on contemporary India by former SASNET employees

A new Swedish-language volume on Indian Society, History, Economics, Religion and Culture, edited by Professor emeritus Staffan Lindberg and NSAN editor Lars Eklund, was successfully released at a book launch event in Lund on Tuesday 3 April 2018. The event was hosted by SASNET at Lund University and drew a large crowd of interested people, academics as well as non-academics.
The book, entitled ”Miraklet Indien och dess baksida” has been published by Palmkrons förlag in Lund, and it is written in a popular scientific mode. Besides the two co-editors, articles are written by eminent Scandinavian South Asia scholars including Dr. Kenneth Nielsen and Dr. Anne Waldrop at University of Oslo, Prof. Knut Jacobsen at University of Bergen, Prof. Jørgen Dige Pedersen at Aarhus University, Dr. Henrik Chetan Aspengren, Linnaeus University, Växjö and also the Institute of Foreign Affairs (UI) in Stockholm. To buy a copy, go to http://palmkrons.com/pr…/miraklet-indien-och-dess-baksida-2/
Another release event will be held at the University of Olso on Tuesday 25 April, at 15.00. 
Staffan Lindberg and Lars Eklund have worked together on South Asia since the late 1970s, first with the SYDASIEN magazine - launched by Staffan and colleagues in 1976 and edited by Lars for 25 years (1982-2007); and then successfully launching the Swedish South Asian Studies Network (SASNET) on a Swedish government initiative in 2001. As a close-knit professional team combining academic and journalistic know-how they travelled extensively in the whole South Asia region, establishing an extremely wide network of affiliated researchers in Scandinavia, Europe and South Asia, till Staffan retired from service in 2007 and Lars quit in late 2016. 

SASNET Director Andreas Johansson welcomed the audiencce  Staffan Lindberg presented the content of the book and the researchers involved in the project. Lars read excerpts from the book, on India’s Democracy and Indian Culture. 
Mingle session with delicious samosas by Bubu Eklund. The publisher Stig Palmkron with books for sale.