Second Nordic Conference on South Asian Studies for Young Scholars

The following speakers will address the conference:

Prof. Emeritus Graham Chapman, Keynote Speaker
Department of Geography, Lancaster University, UK.

To get a list with Prof. Chapman’s publications and previous work, please click here.

Dr. Jan Vang
Associate Professor, Aalborg University, Department for Production (Copenhagen Campus), Denmark.

Field: Globalization and internationalization of innovations and technology.

Dr. Sirpa Tenhunen
Researcher at the Academy of Finland. She currently also teaches at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki.

For more information about Dr. Tenhunen, please visit her blog.

Dr. Anna Godhe
Department of Marine Ecology, Gothenburg University, Sweden.

To find more information about Dr. Godhe’s research projects, please click here.

Teddy Primack
Director of Academic Documents Associates based in the USA and a long-time editor of journal articles and dissertations submitted for publication.

His specialty is the linguistic revision of manuscripts written by non-native speakers of English.