Group Division

Second Nordic Conference on South Asian Studies for Young Scholars


Below is the thematic group division and abstracts of the participants in each group. If you would like to change group, please let us know as soon as possible!

Thematic group 1: History, Religion and Culture

1. Bennike, Rune
2. Roy, Dayabati
3. Samuelsen, Guro W.
4. Sheikh, Mashhood Ahmed
5. Suneson, Anita
6. Zabiliute, Emilija

Thematic group 2: Society, Development and Gender

1. Gabler, Mette
2. Jordal, Malin
3. Nolle, Louise
4. Nordfeldt, Cecilie
5. Schliewe, Sanna
6. Sommansson, Johanna
7. Sandgren, Anna
8. Svensson, Christian Franklin

Thematic group 3: Politics, Economics and International Relations

1. Farook, Mohamed Fawas Mohamed
2. Jensenius, Francesca Refsum
3. Mastak Al Amin, Mohammad
4. Nahar, Najmun
5. Saha, Sujan
6. Schmidt, Nanna Nisansala
7. Svare, Lodve A.
8.Westermark, Kristina

Thematic group 4: Nature, Health and Environment

1. Islam, Aminul
2. Lattiff, Ibrahim
3. Mukit, Abdul Al
4. Ubhayasekera, Wimal
5. Wilson, Kaythrine Esther