Second Nordic Conference on South Asian Studies for Young Scholars

As a supporting activity, we are organising an exhibition of artworks, books, and project presentations focussing on South Asia. The exhibition will take place during the days of the conference and its main goal is to inspire further the participants with new grounds for discussion as well as facilitate the exchange of experiences.

The following works will be shown during the conference

Photo exhibition: “Rural India: images from Uttar Pradesh” by Silvia Gaiani,University of Eastern Finland.

Description: The collection consists of photos taken during Silvia Gaiani’s field research in Uttar Pradesh in 2008. They are pictures of daily life activities in two rural villages in Uttar Pradesh, India. Some of them have been taken during the activities of the project she was monitoring about the use of Community media for Rural Development.

Film: Desi Girls! - an antropological documentary by Johanna Sommansson, Stockholm University.

About the film:  Desi Girls means Indian girls and this documentary constructs a portrait of how three young college girls in Delhi look upon gender in their society and in their lives. To approach the topic of gender Anthropologist Johanna Sommansson spent two months in Delhi at the end of 2008. The research resulted in a Masters dissertation as well as this documentary. The girls in the film are all college students in an interesting phase of transition; being young, educated and of marriageable age. Being a Desi girl is a paradox: on one hand they want to be good girls – subservient, humble and obedient. But on the other hand they are negotiating and challenging the normative behavior, finding their own identities among the pre-set rules of how to be a good girl in a city unsafe for women.
A film made by Johanna Sommansson, faithful India traveller and researcher.

Film: “Katunayake FTZ and The Kotmale Project” – presented by Jesper Nordahl.

About the film: The “Katunayake FTZ/Kotmale Project” includes a series of videos (8), a billboard, texts, images and conversations that investigates the political context and impact of the neoliberal restructuring policies initiated in the late seventies by IMF and WB in big parts of South East Asia. My project focus on the Free Trade Zones and the Kotmale project (a Swedish SIDA funded dam project built by Skanska) that were initiated at that time in Sri Lanka. The project also looks into resistance and alternatives to the policy WTO propose for the country now.  The main part of the project is made in collaboration with The Women’s Centre (Sri Lanka), which was established by women workers in -82 to protect and empower women workers within the Free Trade Zones. For more info on each video and the billboard please visit the web site http://www.jesper.x-i.net/worksbx.htm

Film: “Side effects: Portrait of a young artist in Lahore.” by Mashhood Ahmed Sheikh, University of Tromsø

About the film: Side effects is an ethnographic/anthropological film. Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan with a population of more than 10 million. The city is famous for exquisite food, its rich culture, an education capital and the core of Pakistan’s media and arts scene. The film takes us deep into the life of a struggling young lower-middle class, an art student in Lahore.