Lars Eklund travel reports from October–November 2012 South Asia tour

Kolkata reports Varanasi reports Kanpur reports
Delhi reports Kathmandu reports

Previous contact journeys

Earlier, Lars and his SASNET colleagues (first Staffan Lindberg and from 2007 Anna Lindberg) have made extensive and well documented contact journeys to a large number of universities, research institutions and networking partners in all the eight South Asian nations. Go for the travel reports from these contact journeys:

2002 SASNET tour to  Maldives,
          Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh

2003 SASNET tour to Pakistan,
                                     and Afghanistan

2005 SASNET tour to India/Northeast,
             Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh

2007 SASNET tour to India/North,
                              West, and Southwest

During the period 20 October till 30 November 2012, SASNET deputy director Lars Eklund was away from the SASNET office at Lund University. Besides enjoying some free time with his family in Kolkata, interspersed with festivals, musical performances and other cultural activities including a wedding, he also interacted with SASNET networking partners at the prime universities in Kolkata – Calcutta University, Jadavpur University, and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta. Lars set up a small SASNET office at his Sardar Sankar Rd residence in Kolkata.

He also made a contact journey to Varanasi, Kanpur and Delhi from 27th October till 5th November, visiting the Swedish/Nordic study centres in Varanasi, the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), IIT Kanpur, the South Asian University in Delhi, and other networking partners. In Delhi, he participated in the sixth Nobel Memorial Week, organised by the Swedish Embassy, and had meetings with the Ambassador Harald Sandberg, and the Growth Analysis representative Andreas Muranyi.
In mid-November, Lars also visited Kathmandu for five days, and meetings were organised at Tribhuvan University, and meetings with Nepalese networking partners.

Lars’ report from his academic meetings in
       Varanasi, 28–30 October 2012

– Gandhian Institute of Studies
– New ICCR Professor to Gothenburg
– Nordic Hindi Study Centre
– Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Social Sciences researchers
– Malaviya Institute of Peace Studies
– Karlstad University Indian Study Centre

SASNET Visit to IIT Kanpur,
      30 October–1 November 2012

– IIT Kanpur History
– Meeting Dean Research and Development
– Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering 
– Meeting Advisor International Relations
– Meeting Erasmus Mundus coordinator
– Department of Humanities and Social Science  
– Scandinavian contacts /Design
– Meeting Dean Research and Planning

Lars’ report on SASNET experiences in Delhi 1–5 November 2012

– Nordic Centre in India
– Nobel Memorial Week 
– Meeting Andreas Muranyi, Growth Policy
– Meeting Swedish Ambassador 
– South Asian University 
– Embassy of Afghanistan 
– STI Platform in India

Lars’ report from SASNET meetings in Kathmandu, 12–16 November 2012

– Meeting Tek Nath Dhakal, Tribhuvan University & Sunil Kumar Joshi, Kathmandu Medical College
– Meeting Manish Thapa, Tribhuvan University
– Tribhuvan University/Meetings with International Coordinator & Rector 
– Networking meeting at CNAS, Tribhuvan University

Lars’ report from SASNET meetings in Kolkata, 21 October–29 November 2012

– Meetings at University of Calcutta
– Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
– Meetings at Jadavpur University
– Indo-Swedish conference on Religion and Society
– Serampore (Frederiksnagore) Project