William Radice’s unpublished papers now presented

Gitanjali Reborn. William Radice’s Writings on Rabindranath Tagore. Edited by Martin Kämpchen. Routledge 2018. The well-known british scholar William Radice, himself a recognized poet and a Rabindranath Tagore specialist, delved into the deeper meaning of Tagore’s poems and songs, and discussed his ideas on education and the environment with an insight probably no other Westerner has. He also translated Tagore’s short stories and short poems, and finally in  2012 was able to make a complete breakthrough by translating Gitanjali afresh and restoring Tagore’s original English manuscript. Martin Kämpchen, residing in Santiniketan, West Bengal and Germany, and is a reputed Tagore scholar and writer, has edited the new volume.
It should be mentioned that Prof. Radice met with a severe traffic accident in 2014, but has since somewhat recovered. More information about the book.
William Radice is a friend of the NSAN editor Lars Eklund. He attended the 2004 ECMSAS conference in Lund as a commentator (read his report), and in 2011 and 2013 Radice was invited by Lars for lecture tours in Scandinavia in connection with the Tagore jubilee events.