Uppsala workshop on Self-narratives in Southasian Literatures

The Department of Linguistics and Philology, and the Forum for South Asian Studies at Uppsala University organised an International Workshop on ”Self-narratives in Southasian Literatures” on 7-8 June 2018.  Venue: Engelska parken 9-3042, Uppsala. The workship was convened by Professor Heinz Werner Wessler and dealt with autobiographies and other forms of self-narratives in Southasian literatures.
Participants included Ram Prasad Bhatt, Hamburg University, Germany, presenting a paper on ”Life and times of Śaileś Maṭiyānī : Writer and Rebel”; Monika Browarczyk, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland,  presenting a paper on Hindi poet Kunwar Narain’s Reminiscences and Retellings of the Past; Alaka Chudal, Vienna University, Austria; presenting a paper on ”Nepalese women in their sociocultural surroundings”; Alessandra Consolaro, Torino University, Italy,  presenting a paper on ”(Impossible?) Adivasi autobiography: the expression of the self in Nirmala Putul and Jacinta Kerketta’s poems and in Rejina Marandi’s novel Becoming me”; Pär Eliasson, Uppsala University, presenting a paper on ”Bahina Bai: God, Guru and the Self”; Barbara Lotz, Würzburg University, Germany,  presenting a paper on ”Reading Indian Trans* Autobiographies: A Narratological Approach”; Nabila Rehman, University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan,  presenting a paper on ”Female self-narratives in modern Panjabi literature”; Marina Rimscha, Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel,  presenting a paper on ”Men without women or women without men? A literary analysis of Dalit autobiographies”; Rosine Vuille, Zürich University, Switzerland;  presenting a paper on ”Sobti-Hashmat: the plural identity of the writer”; and Heinz Werner Wessler himself,  presenting a paper on ”Vinod Kumar’s ādivāsī jīvan-jagat, the author’s self, and the epistemology of empathy”. Full information.