Unique Peter Brook Mahabharata follow-up theatre performance at Sagohuset

30 years after the performance of Mahabharata, who took the theater world by storm, theatre director Peter Brook has returned to the magnificent ancient Indian epics, with a performance entitled Battlefield. It has already been staged at a a number of theatres around the world, including London, New York, Tokyo and a host of other metropolises. Now, it was time for Sweden and Lund!
On Wednesday 31 January and Thursday 1 February, Battlefield was staged at Lund City Theatre but invited to Lund by Theatre Sagohuset. It is a unique and magnificent performance by Peter Brooks Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord (Paris). The critics and the audience around the world have praised the performance. Venue: Lund City Theatre, Kiliansgatan, Lund. More information.
Battlefield is a return to "The Mahabharata" on a nearly bare stage, with four actors and a single musician playing a single instrument, a drum. It lasts just over an hour. It is as pure theater as you may ever encounter. Every syllable is given the resonance of a note of music. Each word is pronounced as though it encompasses measureless meaning. The performance is the endgame, a timeless, poetic and conspicuous idea of ​​human existence in a at the same time violent and loving world. It takes place where Mahabharata stopped: after the great war, which was performed between rival fathers in the same family, the surviving son Yudhishthira is placed in front of a million deaths on the battlefield and an destroyed dynasty. He sees the victory turning into a defeat. How will he find peace when everything is ruined? What happens after a war in the world tattered by conflicts.