Swedish Research Links grants for nine South Asia related projects

On 7 December 2017, the Swedish Research Council decided upon the 2017 Swedish Research Links grants. Introduced by Sida and the Swedish Research Council in 2002, Swedish Research Links aim to stimulate cooperation between researchers in Sweden and those in selected developing countries. The long-term aim of the programme is to contribute to mutual scientific and socioeconomic development of the countries involved through funding for support to collaborative research projects of high scientific quality and mutual relevance. The programme is open to researchers in basic and applied research within all academic disciplines. 
Nine of the applications given grants for the three-years period 2018–20 are fully or partly related to South Asia. They include projects dealing with e g ”Migration as a social determination of health”; ”Sustainable Water Supply through the Development of Artificial Glaciers”; and ”Viral Infections in Indian Silkmoths”.
Three projects are with Uppsala University: Projects led by Biplab Sanyal at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Materials Theory; Sunithi GunesekeraDepartment of Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacognosy; and Olle Terenius, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology.
Two projects at University of Gothenburg: led by Kristina Jakobsson, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine; and Per Knutsson, School of Global Studies.
One each with Karolinska Institutet - led by Salla Atkins, Global health (IHCAR)/Department of Public Health Sciences; Luleå University of Technology - led by  Anshyuman Bhardwai, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering (SRT): Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala - led by Adam Pain, Department or Urban and Rural Development; and Umeå University - led by Isabel Golcolea:, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine. More information about the funded projects with abstracts.