Shantanu Chakrabarty lectures at Uppsala University

Associate Professor Shantanu Chakrabarti from the Dept. of History at Calcutta University in Kolkata is staying at Uppsala University, Sweden during the period 1-22 November 2017 . He is a Visiting Professor under the long-standing Linnaeus Palme Exchange Programme running between the Dept. of History at Uppsala University and its counterpart in Kolkata. Prof. Chakrabarti specialises in International Relations and will be delivering a few lectures on contemporary India - on Wednesday 15 November, 13.15-15.00, he will speak about ”Conceptualising the 'Civilisation State' Model in Asia: Between Historical Heritage and Contemporary Reality'. The seminar is organised by the Dept. of History. Venue: Engelska Parken, room 22-1009, Thunbergsvägen 3C. 
Three days later, on Saturday 18 November, 12-16, Dr. Chakrabarty participates in Uppsala University’s Thematic Forum Day, the theme being “Migration: The World in Motion”. During this day migration will be approached from various horizons and regions thanks to the mini-lectures of different Uppsala researchers. It is open to the public, and free entrance. Dr. Chakrabarty will speak about ”Games people play! Developing South Asia´s sport identity at home and within the diaspora”, and the time for his lecture is 14.15-15.30. More information..