Read reports from successful 23rd European Conference on South Asian Studies in Zurich

The 23rd European Conference on South Asian Studies (ECSAS) was successfully held 23 – 26 July 2014 at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. It consisted of 51 panels, focusing on diverse issues ranging from ”Video varieté: the cultures and forms of new visual media in South Asia”, to ”'Mafia(s)' and politics in South Asia”. 
The hosts for the 23rd ECSAS were the Department of Geography and the University Research Priority Program (URPP) Asia and Europe, both at the University of Zurich, operating under the auspices of the European Association for South Asian Studies (EASAS)Full information about the 2014 ECSAS conference.
The ECSAS has met regularly since 1968, and has provided an important opportunity to discuss current research and scholarship on topics relating to South Asia within the humanities and social sciences. SASNET was represented at the 2014 conference in Zurich by Lars Eklund and Hawwa Lubna. Read more in the SASNET report.
Read also Lars Eklund’s detailed personal report from the four-day conference.
Now, also read also Hawwa Lubna’s interesting conference report.