Pakistani BLLF representatives visited Lund

Najma Shaikl, Lars Eklund and Mir Safdar Ali Talpur.

On Tuesday 14 November 2017, representatives for the Pakistani non-governmental organisation Bonded Labour Bonded Liberation Front Society (BLLFS) visited Lund where they met with the NSAN editor Lars Eklund. The two guests were Mr. Mir Safdar Ali Talpur, currrent BLLFS national coordinator, and Ms. Najma Shaikh, who will take over the chairpersonship from January 2018 (photo).
They were accompanied by Lisa Nymark and Märta Råberg, representatives for BLLF Sweden, a Lidköping based organisation supporting the BLLFS’ long-standing work in Pakistan. Since 1988, BLLFS has been able to achieve the release of over 80,000 bonded labourers in Pakistan from the shackles of slavery, in different sectors like agriculture, brick kiln, and carpet industries. It has also set up a release and rehabilitation center, and provided legal aid to the bonded labourers. Mr. Talpur and Ms. Shaikh informed about the impressive work being carried out, and their future plans, including awareness programmes for women.
BLLF Sweden has long been working closely with BLLFS in Pakistan's four provinces, supporting its struggle to free people from slavery. BLLF Sweden focuses mainly on human rights issues, women’s rights, and education projects for children and adults.The cooperation between BLLFS in Pakistan and BLLF Sweden takes place in projects supported by Sida through Forum Syd.
During their stay in Sweden, the BLLLBS representatives also visited Lidköping, Ystad and Stockholm besides attending the Swedish Forum for Human Rights (MR-dagarna), the Nordic region's largest human rights forum, held in Jönköping 9-11 November. From Sweden they wil also visit Turku and Ekenäs in Finland, to meet representaves of the organisation Solrosen, and Emmaus Finland.