Örebro conference on Virtual Learning Sites as Languaging Spaces

The School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (HumEs) at Örebro University hosts an international conference entitled ”Virtual Learning Sites as Languaging Spaces” (ViLS-2) on 22–24 September 2015. The conference is being organized by the research group CCD, (Communication, Culture & Diversity) at HumES, within the framework of project CINLE (Communication and Identity processes in Netbased Learning Environments). It is being chaired by Professor Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta.
The main objective of the ViLS-2 international conference is to establish a forum for dialogue on the study of interaction, learning and identity formation in virtual environments. The themes and issues raised two years ago will be re-focused again, this time with special attention on the languaging and construction of time and space in virtual sites. The 2015 ViLS-2 conference will include presentations by invited plenary speakers as well as provide opportunities for panel discussions led by internationally acclaimed researchers in the conference areas of interest. Confirmed international featured speakers include three Indian professors, Biswajit Das (photo) from Jamia Milla Islamia University in New Delhi, who will speak about ”Virtual Learning sites in a cross-cultural context Experiences from global South”; Mathew Martin from AYJ National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped in Mumbai, who will speak about ”Social Media Networks Among Persons with Disabilities and Demographic Outcomes in the Virtual Learning Spaces”; and Panchanan Mohanty from University of Hyderabad, who will speak about ”Home and school, language issues and the virtual: language learning spaces in multiligual India”.