INLANSO Hindi Summer courses 2018 in Mussoorie, Delhi and Varanasi

INLANSO Hindi teachers Dr Roquiya Khatoon and Dr Vivek Kumar Jaiswal with Prof. Dipak Malik. In Mussoorie.

INLANSO - the Varanasi based Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society offers various Hindi programmes for Nordic students during the summer 2018. They can join one programme or combine two or three such. The alternatives are:
- Mussoorie programmme: 18-29 June (two weeks)
- Delhi programme: 2-6 July (one week)
- Varanasi programme: 9-27 July (three weeks)
INLANSO conducts the summer programmes in cooperation with the Nordic Centre in India University consortium (NCI). The teaching is conducted by Dr. Vivek Jaiswal, Dr. Roquiya Khatoon and Ms Rani,  and being supervised by the Academic Director of INLANSO, Dr. Miriya Juntunen Malik.
Anyone who can read and write Devanagari script  as well as has knowledge of basic Hindi grammar is eligible to attend. The programmes contain topic based instruction with useful vocabulary, intermediate level grammar, drills and a lot of speaking and listening opportunities in authentic native environment and situations. The cost is 17.700 INR per week for 20 hrs of activities. For registration contact latest on 10 June 2018.
NSAN editor Lars Eklund visited INLANSO in April-May 2017. Read his report from Varanasi and Mussoorie.
The two weeks in the pictoresque hill station Mussoorie and its suburb Landour will give you excellent opportunies to interact in a relaxed manner with the local community and the traders, shopkeepers etc. The week in Delhi will focus on metropolitan youth and familiriaze you with the vocabulary and language that has emerged in the indian capital city due to the long tradition of migration from outside and inside India. It is a language influenced by expressions and grammar from Urdu, Punjabi, English, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, and other languages that have and are contributing to the ‘Dilliwali’ Hindi. The three weeks in Varanasi will take you to the realm of a place that has the most of the pros and the cons of a provincial city while being the oldest one in India besides serving as the gateway to moksha. INLANSO with its programme house, experienced staff and good infrastructure will ensure that your Hindi will reach new levels and you will gain the confidence that is needed in the communication with the native speakers. Full information.