Copenhagen conference on Mind sciences in Society for Innovation

On 3-5 September 2018, Copenhagen Business School (CBS) organises a cholding on ”Mind, Meditation and Innovation”. This conference is part of the Mind Sciences in Society for Innovation project (MSISFI) based at CBS, a project jointly run by Europan, American and Asiajn universities, including three in India: University of Allahabad, Delhi University, and Swami Rama Himalayan University in Dehradun.  The purpose of the conference is to explore the link between mind as conceived by a diversity of academics and practising professionals; how it can benefit from meditative and contemplative techniques and how these techniques can play a positive role in our understanding of innovation and creativity from an individual point of view. Venue: CBS, Solbjerg Plads 3 - 2000, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.
The first day is dedicated to our understanding of the mind from all perspectives, all philosophies to the extent possible, this day will be divided into two parts, the morning session which will be dedicated to the academics and the afternoon session to practicing professionals, who work within the field of mind, meditation and innovation. The second day will be dedicated to issues related to meditation, its implication on- or understanding of the mind and how it is proposed to affect the mind. The third day is dedicated to creativity and innovation, where the focus is on understanding the implications of the mind as we conceptualize it, the way we experience meditation and the way it affects us, how does mind influence creativity and innovation. The 3rd day is about linking our understanding of the mind, our practice of meditation and contemplation and its implication on our ability to be creative and take part in innovation creatively.
The convener is Dr. Sudhanshu Rai (photo), Associate Professor of innovation in Emerging economies, in the CBS Department of Management Society and Communication. Full information.