Börje Almqvist shares information about the 2017 Taliban ideology

Who are the Talibans and how do they want Afghan society to look? Are they the same ideological movement as when they controlled most of Afghanistan in 2001? Do they have the same attitude to girls' schooling, TV, internet and photography of all living like that, or have they changed! Are they "better" or "worse" today than when they had the power? These are questions raised by Swedish journalist Börje Almqvist in an interesting Internet blog. Börje has worked many years for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan and has a wide perspective on the development in Afghanistan. Read his blog.
Börje refers to a number of current reports, for example one entitled ”Ideology in the Afghan Taliban”. See also BBC reporter Auliya Atrafi article from Helmand province, entitled ”Taliban territory: Life in Afghanistan under the militants”; Barnet Rubins and Clancy Rudeforths´report entitled ”Enhancing Access to Education: Challenges and Opportunities in Afghanistan”; and a report on official Taliban view on education: The Taleban’s ‘new education policy.