24th Himalayan Languages Symposium (HLS) was held in Lucknow

The 24th Himalayan Languages Symposium (HLS) was Held  on 8 -10 June 2018 at Lucknow University, Uttar Pradesh state, India. The 2018 HLS was hosted by the Linguistics Department of the University of Lucknow, headed by Dr. Kavita Rastogi. The Lucknow University campus is located on the north bank of the Gomti river in the heart of the city centre of Lucknow.
The Himalayan Languages Symposium was first held in Holland in 1995 and has convened annually ever since. This open forum welcomes all scholars and students of Himalayan languages. Contributions are welcome on any language of the greater Himalayan region, e.g. Burushaski, Kusunda, Tibeto-Burman, Indo-Iranian, Austroasiatic, Kradai, Andamanese, Nahali, Dravidian or any other language of the area. In addition to linguistic presentations, contribution are also welcome from related disciplines such as history, anthropology, archaeology and prehistory. The forum is secular and scholarly and not open to political or religious contributions. The 2019 HLS will be held in Sydney, Australia. More information.