Newsletter 8 - 22 August 2001


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• The SASNET Internet Gateway has now been launched on Some details remain to be completed but the site already includes a vast amount of information on research and education on South Asia being carried out at Swedish Universities and Colleges. The Gateway also offers scholars and students engaged in South Asian studies valuable links to useful news sources and academic institutions worldwide, access to library services as well as giving basic information on the seven South Asian nations.

• New items on SASNET web site: Practical information for travellers to South Asia. Basic facts on Bhutan Developmental organizations, in Sweden and worldwide, dealing with South Asia

• The SASNET workshop about global networking in South Asian studies takes place in Lund on 27-28 August. About 40 persons will attend the workshop and hopefully give a good start for SASNET’s global networking. Papers will be presented by Dr Mats Benner, Dr Rita Afsar, Prof Zulfiqar Bhutta, Dr Piet Terhal, Prof Jan Hjärpe, Prof Jan Lundquist, Prof Ronald Herring, Prof Rana P B Singh, Prof Graham Chapman and Prof Björn Hettne.

• SASNET ́s newly appointed Board has its first meeting on Wednesday 29 August in Lund. Members of the board to be found at SASNET web site.

Community news & conferences:

• A Symposium on “Managing Common Resources - What is the solution?” is held at Lund University on Monday 10 September 2001, 9 - 16.30. Speakers: Prof. Elinor Ostrom, Professor of Government, Indiana University, Bloomington, and Prof. Jean-Philippe Platteau, Department of Economics, University of Namur, Belgium. Discussants: Prof. Christer Gunnarssson, Economic History, Lund University and Dr. Christian Lund, International Development Studies, Roskilde University. Venue: Samarkand, Academic Society, Lundagård, Sandgatan 2, Lund. 

• The Asia Committee (AC) of the European Science Foundation (ESF), with its secretariat at Leiden, the Netherlands, invites applications for European research travel grants foroutstanding young researchers in Asian Studies for the year 2001–2002. Last date for applications 15 September 2001. 

• The Development Studies Seminar, at the Dept of Sociology, Lund University, arranges al least four presentations of ongoing research projects during the autumn semester 2001.

• Globalakademin arranges a seminar on ”Informationens roll i det framtida biståndet” on 19 september, 2001, at SIDA in Stockholm. 

• Sanskrit for beginners. Students of linguistics, religion as well as other interested persons are welcome to join a private course on Sanskrit in Lund during the Autumn semester 2001. For more information contact Martin Gansten, PhD at the Dept of History of Religions. Gansten has recently completed the translation of Bhagavad-Gita from Sanskrit to Swedish, which has previously not been done since 1908. The book is published by Norstedts.

• The Swedish School of Advanced Asia Pacific Studies (SSAAPS) provides substantial long-term financial commitment to boost the advanced knowledge generation in Sweden on cultural, economic, political and social issues of contemporary relevance to the Asia Pacific region*. In collaboration with departments and centres in Sweden already active in the field, the School will support advanced research and systematically develop deep and extensive contacts with leading research centres outside Sweden, with special attention given to the development of long-lasting in-depth networks. Its activities include funding graduate students and postdoc researchers, inviting visiting researchers and professors, and supporting related research programs and conferences. For more information contact the co-ordinator, Prof Jon Sigurdson, Stockholm School of Economics.


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