Newsletter 78 - 9 October 2007


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Stockholm Kungsgatan


Fermented Foods
Dr. J.B. Prajapati, Anand Agricultural University, Prof. Baboo Nair, Lund University, Dr. A.K. Pathak, Anand Agricultural University, and Dr. M. Abdulla, UNESCO Institute of Trace Elements, Lyon, France, during their visit to the SASNET office in Lund.

Research Community News

Educational News

• South Asian studies at Copenhagen University
– The History of Religions Section, Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, offers South Asia related courses on Science of Religion. More information on the BA, MA, and PhD programmes. Contact person: Dr. Peter Birkelund Andersen
– The Asian Studies Section, Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, offers courses in Indology, including Sanskrit, and Pali. More information on the Indology courses. Contact person: Dr. Ken Zysk
– The Tranquebar Initiative of the National Museum of Denmark is an interdisciplinary endeavour and prepared in close collaboration with a number of Indian authorities and Indian and Danish research institutions. The Initiative ranges from various research projects to restorations of buildings from the colonial time and the collecting of ethnographical items to elucidate present daily life, as well as historical and ethnographical exhibit activities in Denmark and India. More information about the Tranquebar projects. Contact person: Dr. Esther
– A new initiative was introduced by the Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies in 2007, courses in Business relations. These courses, called are concerned with the meeting between different cultures, religions and languages and being designed to cater for businesses or organisations that are establishing themselves abroad, hiring foreign employees or are facing cultural problems in connection with enterprises in the non-Western World. More information about Contact person: Dr. Charlott Hoffmann Jensen


Important lectures and seminars

• Indian Minister of Finance lectures on India's Socio-Economic Agenda in Oslo
H. E. Mr Palaniappan Chiadambaram, the Finance Minister of India, will hold a lecture in Oslo on Wednesday 24 October 2007, 10.00–11.30. The lecture, organised by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) in cooperation with the Embassy of India in Oslo, is titled "India's Socio-Economic Agenda: Development with Democracy".Venue: The Norwegian Nobel Institute, Henrik Ibsens gate 51, Oslo. Please notify your participation to no later than 19 October. More information.

Conferences and workshops

Business and Politics

South Asia related culture in Scandinavia

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The network is open to all sciences. Priority is given to co-operation between disciplines and across faculties, as well as institutions in the Nordic countries and in South Asia. The basic idea is that South Asian studies will be most fruitfully pursued in co-operation between researchers, working in different institutions with a solid base in their mother disciplines.
The network is financed by Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and by
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