Newsletter 4 - 4 April 2001


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•  Application for Planning Grants 2001

A total of 12 applications have been submitted to SASNET on 15 March. 8 of these applications are for planning research programmes and organising a conference to bridge the gap between different sciences, and 4 are for planning education programmes. SASNET has now engaged three reviewers and also the Sida-SAREC’s programme staff in reviewing these applications. Decisions about the distribution of the grants will be taken on 27 April.

•  Building SASNET’s organisation

Register for Internet

Presently, we have started to collect information for our registers on South Asia research and education institutions at Swedish universities and colleges. We are also contacting all South Asia researchers and teachers to get information for an individual register. We will be very grateful for your prompt co-operation so that we can publish this information on our new Internet gateway to South Asian studies during the summer.

Workshop about global networking

We are also proceeding with our planning of the workshop about global networking in South Asian studies, in Lund, 27-28 August 2001. About 30 persons will attend the workshop and hopefully give a good start for SASNET’s global networking.


New items on our website

Community News:

• Ph D scholarships in Development studies at Roskilde International Development studies and Centre for Development Research, Copenhagen.

Conferences, courses and important lectures

• New graduate level course on South Asia Studies will start at Uppsala University this fall.

• New undergraduate social science course on India/South Asia will start at Österlen’ Folk High School this fall in co-operation with the Department of Sociology, Lund University.

• An Øresund Programme of South Asia Studies is now planned by teachers and researchers at the Øresund University. The work is led by the SASNET root node at Lund.

• Seminar on International Consultancy Work for Academics at the Collegium for Development Studies, Uppsala, April 19.

• Globalakademin aranges a seminar on May, 2, from 15.00 to 18.00 about "Krishantering i biståndet – vad gör man när drevet går och vad kan vi lära oss av tidigare fall". Venue: Stora hörsalen, Sida, Sveavägen 20, Stockholm.

• During the exhibition "Gud har 99 namn" (God has 99 names) at Kommendanthuset, Malmö Museer, guided bus tours take place during the weekends of April. Together with a guide, visits are made to temples, churches and other religious places to meet representatives from the world religions in the Malmö-Lund area.

• The Second South Asian Human Rights and Peace Studies Orientation Course of the South Asia Forum for Human Rights (SAFHR) will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 1 September to 15 September 2001. Last day for applications: April 15

• Course on India at the Stockholm Institute of Education: "The Changing South – An elective 10-credit course". The course is located in the State of Tamilnadu in southern India

For more information about conferences worldwide on South Asia, see Asian Agenda (

Research News:

• A web site called The WTO Research Project which deals with WTO Negotiations and Changes in National Agricultural and Trade Policies: Consequences for Developing Countries

Library Guide:

• Libris

• SARAI • WWW Virtual Library • Asia Society • University of Pennsylvania etc.

Country facts:

• India • UNESCO ́s list of World Heritage sites in South Asia

We are also continuously adding new useful links to South Asian Studies on the Web site

Best regards Staffan Lindberg Lars Eklund Lisbeth Andersson

SASNET Swedish South Asian Studies Network

SASNET is a national academic network initiating and supporting networking in research, education and information on South Asia. The aim is to encourage and promote an open and dynamic networking process in which Swedish researchers/teachers co-operate and work in partnership with institutions and researchers in South Asia and globally. SASNET will involve and integrate researchers from the natural sciences, medicine, technology, social sciences, law, and humanities. It builds on the idea that South Asian studies can be most fruitfully pursued in multidisciplinary co- operation between researchers, who work in different institutions, but are linked together via networks into programs focused on South Asian studies. The network is financed by Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and by Lund University.

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