Newsletter 25 - 17 March 2003


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• Course on Islam in South Asia at Lund University in the Spring 2004
The section for Islamology at the Dept of History of Religions, Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, in the Spring 2004 arranges a 5-credit course on Islam in South and South East Asia.
In the Spring 2004 the section arranges a 5 credits course on Introduction to Islamic Law.

• Course on The Psychology of Meditation at Lund University
The Dept of Psychology of Religion at the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies arranges a 5 credits part time course on The Psychology of Meditation, starting from descriptive studies on Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity, in the Fall 2003.

• Master of Science programme in Urban Housing Management at Lund University
The Dept of Housing Development and Management runs a 16 months Master of Science programme in Urban Housing Management in cooperation with the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, IHS, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The next course will start in September 2003. Applications should be submitted before April 2003.

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SASNET is a national network for research, education, and information about South Asia, based at Lund University. The aim is to encourage and promote an open and dynamic networking process, in which Swedish researchers co-operate with researchers in South Asia and globally.
The network is open to all sciences. Priority is given to co-operation between disciplines and across faculties, as well as institutions in the Nordic countries and in South Asia. The basic idea is that South Asian studies will be most fruitfully pursued in co-operation between researchers, working in different institutions with a solid base in their mother disciplines.
The network is financed by Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and by
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