Newsletter 108 - 9 April 2010


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January 2010 Lund


Ronny Berndtsson Prosun Bhattacharya
Marie Vahter Abul Mandal
Mattias von Brömssen Lennart Olsson
Taro Maldives Male today
Mats Lannerstad, Elisabeth Kvarnström, and Göran Nilsson Axberg, Research Fellows that partly works with South Asia related projects at SEI.

• Anna Lindberg part of Lund University delegation to Delhi
SASNET’s director, Dr. Anna Lindberg, will participate in an official Lund University (LU) delegation travelling to India in the last week of April. The group is led by Eva Åkesson, Lund University Pro Vice-Chancellor, who will participate in the Universitas 21 Symposium held at Delhi University. Universitas 21 is an international network of 21 leading research-intensive universities in thirteen countries, among them Lund and Delhi (more information). LU representatives will also visit a number of other universities in Delhi, Mumbai and Kanpur to explore further collaboration with Lund University in different research fields.

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• Eighth Annual Course on Forced Migration to be held in Kolkata
CRGThe Annual Winter Courses on Forced Migration are held each year in Kolkata, India from 1 December to 15 December. The short-term winter courses, organised by the Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group, are preceded by a two and a half month long programme of distance education. The course is intended for younger academics, refugee activists and others working in the field of human rights and humanitarian assistance for victims of forced displacement. The curriculum deals with themes of nationalism, ethnicity, partition, and partition-refugees, national regimes and the international regime of protection, political issues relating to regional trends in migration in South Asia, internal displacement, the gendered nature of forced migration and protection framework, resource politics, environmental degradation, and several other issues related to the forced displacement of people. Applicants must have 3 years experience in the work of protection of the victims of forced displacement, OR hold a post-graduate degree in Social Sciences. Deadline for applications for the coming course, the eighth Annual Course on Forced Migration, is 31 May 2010. More information.

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Sandra ThunanderSouth Asia related culture in Scandinavia

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The SASNET network is open to all the sciences. Priority is given to interdisciplinary cooperation across faculties, and more particularly to institutions in the Nordic countries and South Asia. SASNET believes that South Asian studies will be most fruitfully pursued as a cooperative endeavour between researchers in different institutions who have a solid base in their mother disciplines.
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