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Diwali in Lund 2009


Anna Baboo Rajni Staffan
Anna Lindberg Baboo Nair Rajni Hatti Kaul Staffan Lindberg
Catarina Kristina Vipin Gupinath
Catarina Kinnvall Kristina Myrvold Vipin Negi Gupinath Bhandari


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Bishnupriya Ghosh. Himanshu Ray.
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• Arnvig’s new film to be screened at Afghanistan seminars

Children of WarThe Danish journalist Eva Arnvig participates in a number of seminars on Afghanistan in Skåne during the period 20–27 October 2009. Ms. Arnvig’s new documentary film ”Children of War” will be screened, and will be followed by discussions. The film shows how children are severely affected by the current war in Afghanistan. It pictures Afghan children, their life and background and some of the people deeply involved in helping children victimised by war. The film has been shot in in several locations in Afghanistan from Tora Bora to Kabul. Eva Arnvig
Eva Arnvig is not only an experienced journalist but also a clinical psychologist. She has worked for 18 years for UN organisations such as UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), and has travelled extensively in Asia, not the least in Afghanistan. In 2002 she received the Media Communications Association (MCA) Gold Award for the documentary ”Children of Allah”, about everyday life in the Haqqania madrassah in Pakistan. The new film has been produced with support from DANIDA, Danish Red Cross, Danish Demining, AHRO (Afghan Human Rights Organization) and Dacaar.
The seminars are jointly organised by Afghanistansolidaritet, local committees of UNA-Sweden (FN-förbundet), and ABF. Schedule for the seminars:
– Malmö: Tuesday 20 October, 18.30. Venue: Mosaiken, Porslinsgatan 3.
– Lund: Wednesday 21 October, 18.30. Venue: Brf Gasverkets samlingslokal, Trollebergsvägen 7.
– Kristianstad. Monday 26 October, 18.30. Venue: ABF, Fackens hus, Kanalgatan 94.
– Helsingborg: Tuesday 27 October, 17.30. Venue: Stadsbiblioteket.
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