Newsletter 100 - 4 September 2009


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Kultehamn Orust



Vinayak Chaturvedi and Pamela Price.
Mirja Juntunen Teddy Primack
Anjoo Upadhyaya and Vijaykant Lal Karna.
Embassy of India: Madhumita Ghosh, Balkrishna Shetty and Anna Lindberg. Embassy of Pakistan: Nadeem Riyaz, Anna Lindberg and Lars Eklund. Embassy of Bangladesh: Anna Lindberg, Muhammad Azizul Haque and Lars Eklund. Embassy of Nepal: Lars Eklund, Vijaykant Lal Karna and Anna Lindberg.
Prof. Tiwari, one of the workshop convenors, demonstrates a tool to pump cool air from beneath the earth, a simple form of air conditioner.

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• 15th Annual Cultural Studies Workshop in Santiniketan

The Centre for Studies in Social Sciences (CSSSC) in collaboration with Ford Foundation and the South-South Exchange Programme for the History of Development (SEPHIS, Netherlands) will hold its 15th Annual Cultural Studies Workshop from January 30 – February 4, 2010 at Santiniketan, West Bengal, India. The broad theme for this year’s workshop is The Sacred in Contemporary Culture. The workshop is intended to give young researchers an opportunity to share their work with senior scholars in the field, including some of the faculty of the CSSSC. It is aimed at doctoral or post doctoral students (below the age of 35) whose ongoing or just completed work focuses on one or more of the themes listed above. Priority will be given to students currently affiliated to Indian educational institutions, but international participants who have studied, or have been working long term, in countries of the global South are also invited to apply. More information.

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