Strategic project for developing academic cooperation in India at Linnaeus University

Although Linnaeus University, located in both Växjö and Kalmar, has a large number of academic partnerships around the world, the academic cooperation in India has this far been limited. With the recruitment of Dr. Sonia Billore at the School of Business and Economics (more information about her) and Dr. Kristina Myrvold at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (more information about her) – both with long experience of research and studies in India – a unique possibility emerged for Linnaeus University to establish new cooperation in India.

Collaboration with Indian universities

Ms. Camilla Andersson Lundqvist, Ms. Charlotte Skoglund, and Dr. Soniya Billore.

During the spring 2013 a working group consisting of Billore and Myrvold plus Camilla Lundqvist and Charlotte Skoglund from the Office of External Relations was formed to develop a strategic project to develop academic cooperation in India on a wider scale. They submitted a project proposal to the Network for Internationalization with representatives from all departments at Linnaeus University, and on April 12, 2013, the Network and the Vice Rector, Professor Nils Nilsson, decided to approve the project.
The strategic project for collaboration with Indian universities will run from 2013 to 2015 and is coordinated by Camilla Lundqvist. Other members of the project team are Sonia Billore, who has been recruited to the university’s School of Business and Economics from Temple University in Tokyo; and Kristina Myrvold – recruited from Lund University, and in extent to the project team, there will be a number of key persons connected to the project as a reference group.

Joining Nordic Centre in India

As a part of the project the Linnaeus University will become a member of the Nordic Centre in India (NCI) universityconsortium from 1 January 2014. Dr. Kristina Myrvold (photo), who has been the Director of NCI between 2012 and 2013, will be the representative for Linnaeus University in the NCI General Assembly. 
In 2013 the project team has made an inventory of existing academic collaboration with Indian universities and partners at all departments of Linnaeus University and has also identified the interests for establishing new contacts and exchanges with India. This inventory will serve as a base to identify potential partners in India. Tha aim is to encourage the academic staff at Linneaus University to seek and establish long-term academic relationships with research institutions in India.

Another part of the project is to deepen the knowledge and understanding of higher education in India by arranging lectures, seminars and cultural activities and preparing the staff at Linnaeus University before travels to India. In line with this, the project team is planning to organize a full day seminar on “Entrepreneurship and Education in India: New Challenges- New Opportunities” with invited guests speakers as well as meetings and workshops for preparing students and researchers who are about to travel to India.

Nordic Studies in Hyderabad

As part of the strategic plan for cooperation with India, Dr. Myrvold will participate in workshop at the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) in Hyderabad on 19-20 September 2013. EFLU plans to launch a new Department of Nordic Studies that can offer teaching in Nordic languages and cultures. A meeting was arranged at Lund University on May 17 May to identify and receive input from Nordic universities interested in this pioneer project (more information). During the workshop in Hyderabad delegates from Linnaeus University, Lund University, University of Gothenburg and University of Helsinki, as well as representatives from the Nordic Centre in India, will continue the planning of courses in the Swedish and the Finnish languages at EFLU.