SASA seminar on Mobility and Gender in the Maldives

The South Asia Students Association at Lund University (SASA) organises an informal lecture with PhD candidate Phu Doma Lama from the Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety, Lund University on Thursday 23 November 2017, 17.15. Venue: Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Finngatan 16, Lund. The event is open to everyone and as usual fika will be served.
She will talk about ”Exploring the Consequences of Adaptation to Changes: The Case of Mobility and Gender in the Maldives”.
In her presentation, Phu, who recently participated in the 11th European PhD workshop in South Asian Studies, that was held in Procida, Naples, Italy (more information) draws from empirical work in Maldives, and attempts to critically understand adaptation, and its gendered consequence on mobility (considered as an important adaptive strategy). More information about the seminar.