Linnaeus Palme grant for Sweden-Bhutan exchange programme on Mathematics

Internationella Programkontoret

The Malmö University team: Annica Andersson, Lena Andersson and David Wagner.
The Samtse team: Johan Westman and Purna Subba.

On 4 December 2017, the Swedish International Programme Office for Education and Training decided to award a Linnaeus Palme Exchange Programme planning grant to the Department of Science, Environment and Society (NMS) at the University of Malmö for a collaboration programme with Samtse College of Education (SCE) at the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB). The aim is to develop and support a more culturally responsive teaching and learning in mathematics and mathematics teacher education in the Swedish and Bhutan school contexts. The new collaboration was facilitated by the NSAN editor Lars Eklund during a May 2017 visit to Samtse, when he discussed with Senior SCE  Lecturer Purna Badadur Subba and Dr. Johan Westman, Swedish ethnomusicologist working at SCE since 2016, the possibility to find collaborating partners in Sweden on the isue of Ethnomathematics.
At Malmö University, Associate professor Annica Andersson happens to be working on Etnomathematics with a strong international network with scholars at teacher education institutions and universities in different parts of the world. Her thesis and research has been based on critical mathematical and ethnomathematical research. Together with Lena Andersson, senior lecturer and the international coordinator at the department, and with a background from the ITP/Sida programme “Child Rights, Classroom and School Management”, they form the Swedish coordination team.  Besides, during the current academic year, Malmö University has a visiting guest professor, David Wagner from the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Canada. From 2007-10 he was the director of UNB’s projects in Bhutan, which focused on education issues. David has worked in Bhutan on multiple occasions, including in Samtse. Read Lars Eklund’s report from Samtse College of Education.