Lars Gerdmar studies Hindu and Buddhist religious art in India

Lars Gerdmar, a professional artist living in Lund specialised in making icons for the Catholic church, and a good friend of the NSAN editor Lars Eklund, is currently visiting India in order to study Hindu, Buddhist and Christian religious art in the country. He will stay 4-5 months in India, beginning in Kolkata, staying for a month at Lars and Bubu Eklund’s Sardar Sankar Rd flat. In Kolkata he will hold a seminar at Rabindra Bharati University, and meet Indian artists through the Government Art College. He will also visit Shantiniketan and its Viswa Bharati University. However, most of the time, he will spend painting a few smaller icons like the one on photo. He will from mid-January 2018 and until end of April visit other parts of India, including Delhi, Bangalore and Madurai, a programme is being planned for him by Christabel Royan at the Nordic Cente in India consortium. His focus will mainly be devoted to Hindu and Buddhist art in all its forms and the question of how Hindus and Buddhists relate to their holy images in comparison with how Christians make it to the holy icons. He is also interested in the issue of religious dialogue.