Habib University President’s Conference on Questioning South Asia

The 2017 Habib University President’s Conference will be held in Karachi, Pakistan, 22-24 November 2017. The theme for the conference will be ”Questioning South Asia”, focusing on how the politically-charged and contested category of South Asia stay can intact amid geological shifts and political restructuring underway globally? In these times of radical shifts in historical conditions, it becomes important to reconsider frameworks of knowledge determined by the ideologies of nation-states. Papers will be presented by scholars who seek to identify the historical modalities of the emergence of South Asia as an analytical construct, and shed light on how it continues to operate as a geographical, cultural, and economic category. Questioning South Asia as a discourse that at present burdens the scholarly imagination, and overdetermines conference agendas and research funding, might reconfigure the strategies we employ to understand the region. More information